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I was a hot mess, but by God’s love, grace and mercy I am becoming a person I love. My relationship with God grows every day. Rescued by a God I Didn’t Know and Candy Canes and Coke is the raw, honest testimony of God working through me. I believe with all my heart that God has called me to share my testimony of transformation for others out there who may be missing what I’ve found in God.


♥ I was born and raised in Waiʻanae, Oʻahu. Itʻs a running joke that if youʻre not from Waiʻanae, you donʻt want to go there. But, Iʻm proud to be who I am and proud of where Iʻm from. I lived most of my life in Waiʻanae with the exception of a small amount of time in Henderson, Nevada and Chandler, Arizona. I am married to my husband Keola, who is from Waimānalo. I have three children, so does he. Now we have six. We trust God has a plan for our family and we are excited to watch that plan unfold.

While you spend time here, we hope you’ll find something useful for you and your family as you walk your journey, and we walk ours. Be sure and sign up for my newsletter so I can update you on the progress of my mission. I hope only to support, inspire and challenge women by writing about the real issues we face–insecurity, fear, honesty, worry, doubt, parenting, marriage, relationships, economic independence. We all strive for the same thing–to live purposeful, to support the ones we love, to be Proverbs 31 women, wives and mothers. Letʻs work on that together!

May God bless you always, ♥ Momi ♥.


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