We can never be too inspired!  We might feel short on inspiration sometimes, so for a time like that, here’s 4 suggestions to get you out of that uninspired rut! The four books I’m about to share with you is sort of a weird compilation, but, that’s why they work. One book is about business strategy. One book is about understanding success.  The other offers understanding about why women think themselves to death, and how to change it. The objective of the last one is to grow our capacity to reign in life by understanding that we have the authority.

Each book contains powerful information for strengthening the self–for the purpose of giving to others. I want to be clear that every self-help book, article, idea, or notion I share is for the purpose of helping individuals become better individuals a members of a community. I believe individualism can be death to our society, if we seek to improve ourselves for the purpose of self. Human beings are hard wired for connection, so the ultimate goal in all we do, should be to connect. So here’s my four recommendations:


Book #1: You will move closer to your destiny because you will realize that you can create your opportunities. ʻOutliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell will do that for you. While you read, find the moments to say to yourself, “I can create an opportunity like that,” or, “I will keep my eye open for an opportunity like that.” Don’t expect to read this book in its entirety, and if you don’t understand every piece of everything he says, you’re not alone. I didn’t either. Just read for the big ideas. Expect only to read portions of the book in a single session, and don’t expect to finish it in a certain amount of time. This book is one that may take a while.

‘Outliers’ is powerful because the individual stories in this book sheds light on theories of success, which will inspire you to make your own destiny out of any current reality you face. Gladwell dispels, with examples of famous, successful contributors to society, the notion that success is due to some extraordinary intelligence or personality trait. Instead, he evaluates the “idiosyncratic experiences of their lives” as explanations for success.  The implications for the regular Joe, like me, is that there are no limitations to what I can do, or have. It’s just another source of inspiration, and we cannot get too many of those. You’ll be intrigued by the connections he makes, that many of us wouldn’t think to make.

One Minute Manager

Book #2: You can apply the secrets you read about in this book, to any part of your life. ʻOne Minute Manager’ by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is a definite must read. A family and home should be run like a business–I believe that! The three simple secrets: the one minute goals, one minute praisings, and the one minute reprimands, are strategies to effective management. You can use them in any setting. The nice thing about these strategies, besides being super easy and short (one minute each) is that they empower the manager and the managed! This is an easy and quick read.

I Thought it was Just Me (But It Isn’t)

Book #3: ‘I Thought it was Just Me (But It Isn’t)’’ by Brene Brown, is another must read. Sometimes the thoughts I have in my head are so powerful, so overwhelming and so negative, that it keeps me disconnected, disenchanted, and feeling isolated–which are exactly opposite of what human beings need for survival. Our basic human need for meaning, connection and belonging is crucial to wellness. Dr Brene Brown, researcher of “shame and its effects on women” shares powerful insight into what ‘shame’ really is, why we engage, and how to stop it.  In every thought or concept she shared, I felt more and more supported because I wasn’t alone in the thoughts, nor was I abnormal.

Destined to Reign
Book #4: ‘Destined to Reign’ by Pastor Joseph Prince is one of my most favorite books. He profoundly unpacks Scripture in the Bible, and delivers it on each page, to me, like it was meant for me. It’s a daily devotional, so it’s very manageable.  You can read a page and engage with it thoughtfully in a matter of 10 minutes a day. He connects the message of the Scripture relating it to universal problems of today. Sometimes I laugh.  Sometimes I cry.  I am always hopeful and inspired after each devotion. Even if you’re not a Christian, you’ll appreciate the principles. Happy reading ladies!