brings jiu jitsu  to mākaha

Johanne MitchellJohanne MitchellJohanne, his wife Lynn and his children Alexis and Sky, have  brought the ancient ar t of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Mākaha. Through 808  Gracie Fighter, Johanne shares with adults and children the ancient ar t of Jiu Jitsu made famous by Royce Gracie, the winner  of the ver y first UFC tournament. Royce  and  the  Gracie  family  are  famous for sharing the innovative and creative ar t of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Johanne hails from Kahalu`u but for 2 years  has called  Mākaha his home. He, and  his family decided on Mākaha because it is where the warrior spirit is strong. Johanne says, “There is so much to learn from this ancient ar t that can be easily applied to all areas of life. When you’re in training , caught in a submission, ready  to ‘tap’ you are really allowing yourself to submit to that  person, declaring that he or she has your life in their  hands.” Johanne adds, “That truly does amazing things  for your ego.” “There are other times when you’re in the middle of a match, tired and  ready  to quit  that  the  fundamental principles of this  ar t teaches you to dig down  deep inside yourself and  find that  place  of calm. One can learn  to apply  that  to other areas of life.”

Johanne’s goal for 808 Grac ie Fig hter in Mākaha is to of fer a generation of students the oppor tunit y to ground themselves in some- thing honorable. Johanne says, “We are of ten defined by the activities
in which we par ticipate. Jiu Jitsu is an ar t of discipline, confidence, and purpose. It allows us to detach from the ego, and instead, seek comradery, collaboration and commitment to each other.” He hopes others find out for themselves how valuable Jiu Jitsu can be in ever y area of life. Johanne and his entire family make Jiu Jitsu a par t of ever y aspect of their own lives.

When asked about his mission, Johanne says, “I hope to be a beacon of light and I will continue to do what I can to create a bet ter communit y.” Johanne says that he hopes to be a role model to his family and his communit y and that to be a man requires him to make decisions for his family and communit y. Johanne feels it ’s impor tant to leave a legacy. For him, he wants 808 Gracie Fighter from Mākaha known to produce Jiu-Jitsu world champions. Johanne Mitchell knows what it takes to be a man on a mission. He says, “We need to show our love for our children by making them bet ter. That takes doing what ’s right, not just what ’s right for the moment.”

If you’d like to join Johanne and his family, give them a call at 408 -843-7566, or visit their website
at www.808GracieFighter.comJOHA NNE M ITCHELL