Games are fun, and can become a great strategy to achieve your goals. I know people who play games solely for the thrill of crushing others. They love it when others lose. That’s not the kind of game to which I’m referring.  I’m referring to the kind of games where every player wins exactly what they set out to win.

First thing to do is find someone who loves you, is invested in your success, and wants to be a part of motivating you. That’s not always easy because there will be people you think are cheering for you, but are not. There may be someone in your life professing their undying devotion, but when push comes to shove, they shove off.  There may be someone in your life who pretends to want the best for you, who are actually praying for you to fail.

Someone who is cheering for you will be someone who will listen to you when you cry. That person will look for ways to calm your anxiety; offer ideas to support your goals; and remind you of how much you have to offer the world.  That person may very well be the one who sleeps in your bed, but then again, it might not. Remember all the hard times you’ve had. Who’s been the person or persons (if you’re lucky) in your corner during those hard times?  That’s the person you choose to play this game.

Once you’ve got the players, determine the prize.  And, everyone can win. The world has brainwashed us into thinking that there can only be one winner. That’s untrue.  Everyone can win. The prize doesn’t need to be the same for all players–it actually shouldn’t be.  We all play this game of life for different reasons, and because we are all unique, we don’t want the same things.  In this particular game, the person in your corner, may be playing to get the satisfaction of being there for you, and if that’s enough, that’s the perfect prize for them. If they want a fancy dinner, or a trip to Vegas, when you achieve your goal, make that the prize. If your goal is to write a book, but you have yet to start, your goal might be, to get one chapter written, or 5,000 words.  You don’t need to know (at the first step) what it will take to write a book, just remember the goal, take baby steps, and trust that as you take each step, every subsequent step will reveal itself.

If you’ve chosen 5,000 words as your goal, then determine how long you’ll need to get it done. If your friend’s prize is a free dinner, then your friend will be responsible for bugging the heck out of you until you get to your goal.  If you’ve determined that you’ll write your 5,000 words in a week, your friend will call you everyday. If by the end of the week, you  don’t get your 5,000 words, the friend gets dinner. But, if you write the 5,000 words your friend still gets the reward of helping you get there. That prize will be enough (remember the person you’re playing with).  They care more about you then getting the dinner anyway.  If you don’t get to your goal, play again, and again, until you win. Playing the game and getting to your goal becomes fun, and in the process, you and your friend build a stronger friendship.