All’s Well that Oils Well

Peruse FB or instagram at any point in time. You’ll ind 5 core values behind almost every post, share or like. People value managing their families well, looking good, improving health, strengthening relationships, living in gratitude and sharing what they learn with the people they love. In my quest to live as natural a life as possible, and as a person also striving for these things, I’ve been learning about Essential Oils.  It sounds like a buzz word, trendy and fad-like, but it’s been around for centuries.  hink about it. he Wise Men took Frankincense and Myrrh to the child they believed was their Messiah (Savior).  Of all the things to gift their King? Early Egyptians used Essential Oils for medicinal purposes, cooking, and skin care. Essential Oils are big miracles found today in little, dark, glass bottles.

Mother Nature's Answers for Today's Health CareWhy should Essential Oils matter to us? Simple–it can remarkably improve our health, but, we don’t all realize how powerful they are. In 2014, America spent over $350 Billion Bucks on health care. You would think we’d be in excellent health.  Wrong. According to an article on, Hawaii has the highest rate of diabetes in the country. Hawaii’s adult obesity rate is 22.1%, up from 8.9% in 1990 (State of Obesity in Hawaii, 2014). With all that money spent on health care, and the thousands of white coat/lab rats in labs across our world, why are we still so sick? Why are we still thinking we’ll ind cures concocted in pharmaceutical research laboratories?

Essential oils are not new.  It’s medicine as old as time; it is an answer to improving our health. Mother Nature has always had the answers. he only reason we stopped going to her is money–plain and simple.  You can’t place a patent on a plant.  In an efort to make money, companies try to manufacture Mother Nature’s work. Not that there isn’t a place for synthetic medicine, but we shouldn’t rely on it as much as we do.  here are natural ways for improving health that’s just as quick, with no side efects.  Did you know that peppermint oil can help indigestion, headaches, asthma and diarrhea?  Did you know that lavender oil can combat depression? I know someone who swears Frankincense saved his life. here’s so many types of oils and so many conditions Essential Oils can improve.

Over the course of a few months we’ll share about essential oils and their uses. We’ll empower you with information on how and where to use them.  If you’re interested in learning about oils, or if you have a condition you’d like to discuss, give us a call.  Otherwise, we look forward to sharing with you next month. Be blessed!  And remember, All’s well that oils well!