This meat of this blog was not written by me.  The power in this blog came from a text message I received from my sister Lisa.    It arrived on my phone, read by my eyes, and overwhelmed my heart, just before noon today. Her text message ended by morning on a high note. My morning didn’t start that way at all. This morning, with divorce papers ready to be filed, I contemplated packing my bags again, and leaving.  I prayed last night for a breakthrough because although my plan was to finish my homework, go to counseling, pack and leave, I still had some hope.  I didn’t really want to leave, but I thought it was my only answer. I felt alone. And, before the clock struck 12pm, I had so many reminders that God has control over my life, if I choose to let Him. By 12pm, I received inciteful advice from my counselor, received 5 phone calls and 5 texts.  Two of those calls were from people who need encouragement and help. I was happy to be of help to someone. The other calls and texts were random, out-of-the-blue, from people I love and respect. None of them knew much of what was going on with my life at that moment.  God convicted them to reach out and remind me that I was not alone, and that all I needed to do was trust Him to work it all out.

I decided to cast my burdens upon Him; stop doing things my way; and allow Him to intervene.  I was making a mess of things.  Today, UHGAIN, I’m giving back to Him my cross to bear. I’m trusting He will.

One of those texts I mentioned, was from my very dear friend, Lisa.  It is so powerful, I have to share it with you. She is an angel warrior, prayer queen, inspirational, loving and willing to be uncomfortable to help us get comfortable. Use the Words God gave her and all of us to fight the enemy with powerful Fatherly promises. Lift your marriage up to the Father; pray a hedge of protection over it. Here’s a prayer and Scripture to help you. (Thanks Lisa). They can be JUST words on paper, or they can be the exact Word you need to turn right-side-up your upside-down situation.

Father, I lift up our marriage to you! I plead the blood of Jesus over our marriage!! We bind you, enemy, in the name of Jesus!! You have no power or authority over this marriage! This marriage is ordained by God and covered by the blood of Jesus!! No weapon formed against this marriage shall Prosper! We cast down every lie of the enemy and smash you under our feet! We stand on Your promises Lord and claim a healed and restored marriage in the name of Jesus!!

I Know that You, God, is in control. You can use ANY situation and turn it around for good!! (Romans 8:28) It’s all in Your perfect timing (Ecclesiastes 3:1) I Keep trusting in You (Proverbs 3:5-6) and praising You (Psalm 28:7) and I have faith (Hebrews 11:1) that you will give me peace! (Romans 15:13) because I serve a mighty God where ALL things are possible (Luke 1:37). Through You (Philippians 4:13)!! In Jesus name! Amen!!!

• Continue to CHOOSE to remain in His peace about the situation! Thank God for what you have and focus on the blessing not what you don’t have! When you praise Him in the valley He can bring you out of anything and turn any situation around Romans 8:28!

• Although we may not understand why certain things happen that causes us pain- we have faith (Hebrew 11:1) and trust You to lead and direct us on the right path (Proverbs 3:5-6)

• And just when I think I can’t, I remember your promise in Philippians 4:13!!

• On the other side of our Obedience is our miracle!! We need to close the back door; only looking forward. In the words of Pastor Kuna Sepulveda “Settle the call!!”

• Thank you God, that our test will be our TESTIMONY, and our mess will be our MESSAGE to glorify God!!

This is how I ended my morning.  Thank you again Lisa Huihui Pakele! You are my blessing. Then after all of the wonderful texts, I texted my husband, asked to try one more time.  I’m going to fight for my marriage and for the love we share.  We can do this, and so can you.

I hope these tips have helped you!  I’m becoming an expert on love and relationships because of the many times I’ve failed. If you’d like to read about my journey in my raw and candid story, check out my books, Candy Canes and Coke, and Rescued By A God I Didn’t Know.  If you’re reading this article on my website, then you can click on books, but if you’re not, you can go to God Bless!