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Would you like to be a better YOU?

This is my journey in becoming a better ME!♥

Allow me to offer my two very first books Candy Canes and Coke, and Rescued By a God I Didnʻt Know.

Momi admits to all the sins everyone else is afraid to say out loud. I want every woman I know to read Momi’s story- we’ve all made mistakes, and we all have choices even when we think it’s too late.

When I realized what I was missing was a real relationship with God, I worked to build it. I took it one day at at time, and revealed it here, one chapter at a time.

Speaking Topics

  • Embrace Your Hardships and its Transformative Power
  • Be the Best Woman You Can Be
  • The 21st century teen: A middle school teacher’s perspective
  • Little Ladies: Respectful Relationships
  • Becoming the parent we’re meant to be
  • Step Parenting-What works? Who knows? But be okay with not knowing.
  • Who is God? What does he want from me?
  • Survive and Thrive: Recovery and Joy after DV
  • Freedom from Cocaine: A Mother and Son’s Battle for Life
  • Finding Freedom in a Christ-Centered Life


Call Momi at 808-888-9434 to schedule speaking engagements or mail me at mrobinsmakaila@gmail.com