Candy Canes And Coke


Candy Canes and Coke is the raw and painfully honest story of my journey. I was depressed, involved in anabusive relationship and utterly unhappy. I did not have the life I wanted. I was nowhere near the mother and woman I knew I could be. My son was addicted to cocaine, and I wasn’t sure I could save him. I couldn’t understand what I was doing to contribute to my chaos. When I decided to be real with myself, I realized I was locked in a prison of debilitating low self worth. I am on a mission, with God and my children alongside, to escape my self-imposed prison; to transform my existence, to understand, to accept and to love me. I hope that sharing my very personal story of struggle and failure will help me improve my life, and provide comfort to others suffering, like me–in a selfimposed prison. This book is the journey I took to improve my life. Candy Canes and Coke is the story of my truth, and nothing but my truth, so help me God.

“Momi admits to all the sins everyone else is afraid to say out loud. I want every woman I know to read Momi’s story—we’ve all made mistakes, and we all have. Every day women find themselves in the pits of toxic relationships. Momi Robins-Makaila has been to the bottom and back, and now she’s ready to share how she took back the little life she had left in her.” –Amber Jacobs-Meeks.