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Prayers you can Trust will be Heard: 5 Steps

By Momi February 6, 2017 Tags: , ,
pray to God
 I don’t know anyone who prays just to pray. The people I know pray to be heard. They pray to God so that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit hears them, answers their prayers, takes away their worries, [Read more...]

Matthew 5: We Are Assured of Our Blessings

By Momi May 20, 2016 Tags: , , , ,
Matthew 5: We Are Assured of Our Blessings
In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus sees the multitudes of people. Having just come down from the mountains to start the active part of his ministry, he shares the Beattitudes. He declares in Matthew 5:12 “ [Read more...]

Bible Verses on Faith Shepherding the Lost

By Momi May 17, 2016 Tags: , , ,
Bible Verses on Faith Shepherding the Lost
Our goal is to become a voice to compel social change.  It takes a village to raise a child. I know firsthand what that means. When I was in the mainland and not able to be there for my children, my [Read more...]

How do I get more of what I want? Be open to Receive

By Momi April 17, 2016
“WHEN WE RECEIVE, WE HAVE MORE TO GIVE.” How many times have you heard or said “it is better to give than to get?” We admire a woman who has given “the shirt off her back” and a woman who [Read more...]

Dream Big. Set Goals. Write them down.

By Momi April 2, 2016
2016 is the year of the REDEEMED, so dream big. Set goals. Write them down. You don’t need to be a believer for that to resonate on your heart, but that message did come from God, through my Pastors [Read more...]

The Truth about Parenting–Every Parent Should Read

By Momi March 26, 2016
You might come across an article or two where you can find some good information on parenting, but you wonʻt find that here.  I wonʻt give you tips on how to parent. After 21 years, I still donʻt [Read more...]

Is it Quitting Time?

By Momi February 22, 2016
Not that I did any research, but I bet that starting a magazine for Waiʻanae whose purpose is to share real stories of real struggle and real strength to inspire and celebrate our people, is the toug [Read more...]

Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit Light our Way

By Momi February 15, 2016
Have you ever known a burden so heavy that the only way to unload it was to sleep it off, drink it away, take a pill, smoke a joint, or cry your heart out?  The burden of carrying such a heavy load b [Read more...]

Embrace Fear and Anxiety

By Momi February 4, 2016
How Should You Deal With What You Fear? Embrace it! As a middle school teacher, students walk into my classroom everyday. My plan is to facilitate learning. I know they don’t know what I’m about t [Read more...]

Totally Thankful For The Tiny Big Things

By Momi January 28, 2016
Totally Thankful for the Tiny Big Things like… the person who created brush-on gray-hair cover-up powder. Facetime. Instant brown gravy. Peanut butter and jelly. Flushable wipes. The magic eraser. T [Read more...]