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When your child transitions to 9th grade, will he or she succeed or fail?

By Momi April 3, 2017 Tags:
succeed or fail
Here’s a warning based on hard evidence: 9th grade students who get “off track”, meaning they don’t make the necessary social and developmental adjustments; they don’t adjust to the structur [Read more...]

Loving Little People with Purpose Tips for your College Students

By Momi July 7, 2016 Tags: ,
Tips for your College Students
Four tips for college bound students: PARENTS TOO!   High school graduation, an achievement not all of us attain, is a rite of passage; an appropriate transition, and admittance into the new worl [Read more...]

Some Parenting Tips to Help your Children Blossom…A.B.C.D.E.

By Momi June 3, 2016 Tags:
Some Parenting Tips to Help your Children Blossom
I’ve probably made more mistakes than you when it comes to parenting. The funny thing about making mistakes–mistakes make you an expert.  I’ve screamed, smacked, got defensive, ignored, cha [Read more...]

All’s Well that Oils Well: Mother Nature’s Answers for Today’s Health Care

By Momi April 10, 2016 Tags:
Peruse FB or instagram at any point in time. You’ll ind 5 core values behind almost every post, share or like. People value managing their families well, looking good, improving health, strengthenin [Read more...]

Is it Quitting Time?

By Momi February 22, 2016
Not that I did any research, but I bet that starting a magazine for Waiʻanae whose purpose is to share real stories of real struggle and real strength to inspire and celebrate our people, is the toug [Read more...]

Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit Light our Way

By Momi February 15, 2016
Have you ever known a burden so heavy that the only way to unload it was to sleep it off, drink it away, take a pill, smoke a joint, or cry your heart out?  The burden of carrying such a heavy load b [Read more...]

Embrace Fear and Anxiety

By Momi February 4, 2016
How Should You Deal With What You Fear? Embrace it! As a middle school teacher, students walk into my classroom everyday. My plan is to facilitate learning. I know they don’t know what I’m about t [Read more...]

Totally Thankful For The Tiny Big Things

By Momi January 28, 2016
Totally Thankful for the Tiny Big Things like… the person who created brush-on gray-hair cover-up powder. Facetime. Instant brown gravy. Peanut butter and jelly. Flushable wipes. The magic eraser. T [Read more...]