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Healthy, Happy, Heartfelt tip of the Day: Soothe your aching muscles

By Momi April 3, 2017 Tags:
Soothe your aching muscles
A stiff knee after a hike up Diamond Head; an aching shoulder from lifting too much at the gym; a throbbing lower back from too much bending at work; or a stiff neck from the overwhelming stress of mo [Read more...]

How To Handle A New Job: New Job Blues ( 5 Tips)

By Momi February 8, 2017 Tags: ,
How To Handle A New Job
I am absolutely sure that new situations are harder for me than for most. There’s no way anyone else gets as crazy anxious as I do. But, just in case, here’s how to handle the New Job Blues, or an [Read more...]

How to be patient with life, without letting life happen to you (1 thing to remember)

By Momi February 1, 2017 Tags: , , , , ,
How to be patient with life
I hate it when I hear “You have to be patient.” My response to that is, “Patient for what? For life to happen to me?” Time is money.  I get older by the minute. I’m already 43. My life is h [Read more...]

How to Live in the Present Moment

By Momi July 17, 2016
Live in the Present Moment
In many of my blogs, I share with you the reality of my failings, not because I want to dwell on my many failings, because I don’t.  I share about that in my effort to support you.  It’s easier [Read more...]

A Fun Way to Achieve your Goals

By Momi July 17, 2016 Tags:
Way to Achieve your Goals
Games are fun, and can become a great strategy to achieve your goals. I know people who play games solely for the thrill of crushing others. They love it when others lose. That’s not the kind of gam [Read more...]

How do I stop drinking?

By Momi July 17, 2016 Tags:
How do I stop drinking
First, decide that you’re going to stop drinking.  Make a declaration to yourself. Make a declaration to your higher power. Tell the person you most trust in this entire world, that you will.  Eve [Read more...]

Loving Little People with Purpose Tips for your College Students

By Momi July 7, 2016 Tags: ,
Tips for your College Students
Four tips for college bound students: PARENTS TOO!   High school graduation, an achievement not all of us attain, is a rite of passage; an appropriate transition, and admittance into the new worl [Read more...]

How do you know when you can get married? 2 sure things!

By Momi July 1, 2016 Tags:
How do you know when you can get married
It frustrates me beyond belief when I read “how to” lists written by authors who claim to know everything about that topic. I guess it frustrates me because when I’m looking for answers, I forge [Read more...]

Matthew 6: He Advises. He does not condemn!

By Momi June 8, 2016 Tags:
If I don’t obey Jesus, I’m going to hell.  That’s what I used to believe.  I know now that Jesus does not condemn.  He advises.  He shares. He guides. He counsels. He loves. In all of my Bib [Read more...]

Matthew 7: How do I Ask For What I Want? 3 Tips

By Momi June 8, 2016 Tags:
Sometimes I get so sick of people pretending to have all the answers for all of life’s burning questions. I get sick of people telling me how we can’t do this, and we shouldn’t do that.  Most o [Read more...]