Building Bridges. Connecting Communities. Making a Difference.

If you see Officer Kaipo Paiva coming toward you, you’re not  necessarily in trouble, so don’t worry!  He might be coming to make sure you don’t get in trouble.  hat’s what Oicer Kaipo does. He serves Waipahu High School with the Adopt-A-School program  under the direction of Agent Arnold La’anui.  He also serves in the R.A.P. (Real And Powerful) program in Waipahu Elementary.

Oicer Paiva shared with us the reasons for why he does what he does. “I choose to do what I do because I want to make an impact on all of Waipahu, all of Hawaii, and all of our world. I believe that what I do makes a diference.” “I’d like to see these programs in all of our schools,” asserted Oicer Kaipo.

Community Contributor (Kunia Hawaii) Kaipo PaivaKaipo shared that his father, Anthony Paiva and mom, Brenda Paiva are his role models.  He does what he does because they have instilled those values. “My father passed away from cancer.  he last two weeks with him were very memorable, but also challenging.  At first, I had a lot of regret after he passed–wishing I spent more time with him.  Then, I realized, I needed to change my perception. I was enough; my father was proud of me; and I spent time with him. It was all my perception. hat’s what I teach my students.  We can change our realities by choosing to look for the positive.” “I love working with the youth and motivating them to give their best so that they may be their best. It brings a smile to my face when I see, that because of my work, my students have better relationships with police officers in general.” “Many of my students recognize me years after our class. hey share with me that they have changed their lives.  I love that I had a small part in that.”

Kaipo explained that overcoming his own struggles has helped him to become a better person. He wants to share that with the world, especially our youth.  “Self-sabotage was a big one for me.  I sabotaged all of my personal relationships.  I actually pursued relationships that I knew would not last.  Commitment was difficult; I struggled with trust. I remember contemplating suicide at one point in my life. My life was so backwards. You name it, I had it, but with the strategies I teach my students, I have overcome so many issues.  I am paying it forward by sharing the concepts I have learned. I am proud to be a representative of the Honolulu Police Department. We transform people’s lives.” When Kaipo isn’t working for HPD, Kaipo works with ‘Personal Mastery’ and ‘A Time For Change’ “It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to help others in everything I do. I belief that if you’re going to give, expect nothing in return.  he reward we receive is the happiness of the person we’ve blessed. I believe there is more than enough for  everyone  in  the  world.    Scarcity  is  the  mindset  of “not enough” and is the root of hate, jealousy and fear.  he abundant mindset of having more than enough is what I’d like everyone to grasp.  We are worthy of success. hat’s the bottom line. I hope for all of us to understand that and hold on tight.”

If you’re interested in talking story with Officer Kaipo Paiva, give him a call at (808) 723-8863 and apaiva@honolulu.gov.

The Honolulu Police Department is doing what they can to support  our  communities. Let’s  show  them  our  appreciation for what they do, and also try to get them in our Wai’anae Coast Schools. Please contact Officer Kaipo Paiva to get the ball rolling for Wai’anae.