Stacey Pasion: “Tammy is selless, kind hearted, and has a sincere love for  others. Tammy makes my heart smile and I am forever grateful to have her in  my life.”

Lisa Huihui Pakele:  “Aunty Tammy inspires me with her heart of serving others with a spirit of excellence. Today, I serve because of Aunty Tammy’s example of being a blessing to others. I absolutely love doing life together with her!”

Momi Robins-Makaila: “Sometimes I stand back and just watch her. What I see is a pure heart–someone who genuinely loves helping others. She pays no mind to who’s  watching, only with doing her very best. She is a wonderful woman of Wai’anae.”

My pitbull stubbornness helps me receive my blessings.” hat’s what Aunty Tammy says, but, Aunty Tammy is nothing like a pit bull–she’s quite the opposite: gentle, and loving. She’s a wonderful woman of Wai’anae, and we are honored to honor her.

TAMMY TONG-WONDERFUL WOMAN OF WAI’ANAE57 year-young, Wai’anae resident, Tammy Tong, shared her testimony. Her purpose for sharing her life is simple. “I want to impart my knowledge on the younger generation. hey need wisdom from those who have walked before them, and I want to share it.” Aunty Tammy added, “he one thing I learned to do is hold on to God’s promises, like a pitbull. When I realized what was rightfully mine because of His promises for our lives, I held on to it, and it has worked for me, always. hat’s my message to the world.”

In 2004, Tammy’s friend and mentor Pastor DonaLee Pang asked Tammy to think about, and write down her goals. “I was 45 at the time. I wanted to retire in 5 years, so I wrote it down as a goal. I lived my life for 5 years, the best I could, keeping in mind my goal.  When 2009 came, I reminded God about my plans. In the beginning of that year, the post office put out 3 offers for early retirement, but she didn’t qualify. Audaciously, she reminded God about Moses. When Moses led the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt, they took the spoils of Egypt with them. hey had the money! Like a child expecting to collect on the promise of her Daddy, she said, “I want the money too!” In June of that year, the post office offered an incentive, with money, and she qualified!

Aunty Tammy’s Dad, (everyone knows him as old man Tong) advised her not to retire.  She respected her dad more than any man she’d ever known, yet she knew to listen to God. She served 25 years at the U.S. Postal Service, then retired in 2009. In December of that same year, Tammy accompanied her father to a doctor’s appointment where he was told that his bone cancer had returned. He never heard his doctor say those words. She never told him either. Instead, she spent almost every day, the next year, with her Dad.

Mr. Tong died a year later.  Tammy never expected that a goal she set 6 years prior would bring her a miracle of that magnitude. “I was blessed with the opportunity to take care of my dad every day. God knows so far ahead of us. His plans always work for our good. We just need to recognize it, and listen.”

“I didn’t always listen, especially in my young days. I was undisciplined; lived without boundaries; and it got me into trouble. he wisdom I have gained from my mistakes I can share with the younger generation to help them avoid making the same mistakes I have.”

“When I began to know God, I learned to spend time with Him. Every morning, before work, I’d go down to the beach to meditate.  I could feel God’s presence in the birds, the trees and the ocean.  I asked Him to take care of every situation I faced. I held on, like a pitbull, to His promises of salvation.”

“Every time I ind myself in a struggle, I cling to God’s promises, and He gets me through it. As we get older, our identity and purpose becomes crystal clear.  I look forward to sharing with our younger generation the things I’ve learned. 57 years has earned me that.  If they need a little push in recognizing my wisdom, I can push,” she jokes.

Today, Aunty Tammy serves at Word of Life Christian Center and runs her own business, Destiny Development. It is a collaborative venture, leadership-driven by Worldwide Dreambuilders and the family-owned AMWAY Corp. If you’re needing business coaching or mentorship, or just need a little bit of guidance from a gentle, loving, strong, wisdom-filled Wai’anae woman with pitbull faith, give her a call at 808-799-4095.