Companies caring for Communities

I thought the Restore closed down.” hat’s what most residents thought. here’s great news; they are still around, and they will be for years to come.  Restore is in Campbell Industrial Park, on Malakole street next to Napa. he ‘ohana at Restore invites you to come treasure hunt for bargain finds.

Or, if you have household goods you won’t use: appliances; paint; looring; or lighting, for example, donate it to the ReStore, and help the ReStore carry forth it’s mission to “build homes and lives for God’s people.”he ReStore Leeward is an efort by Habitat for Humanity to sustain itself; to continue to provide for west O’ahu ‘ohana in need, like the Pi’i ‘ohana from Nānākuli. Tammy Lee Pi’i and her grandmother applied for help from Habitat for Humanity when their home basically “cracked in half.”  he roots of their mango tree cracked the walls of their cesspool, which led to the disaster.  Waste material leaked into their neighbor’s yard, and with no money and nowhere to turn, they prayed for a miracle. Habitat for Humanity was their miracle. hey helped Tammy Lee and her ‘ohana build a brand new home the very next year.  Tammy Lee was so grateful for Habitat for Humanity, that she began volunteering 3 times a week from 8:30 – 2pm. Once a month, with the help of Habitat for Humanity and Aloha Foods, Tammy Lee prepares meals for the homeless ‘ohana in Nānākuli.  Tammy shared, “Years ago, when I was 8 months pregnant to my baby, I got addicted to drugs.  My grandmother kicked me out of the house because she was frustrated.  I made so many mistakes, but I am forgiven.  I was blessed with a beautiful home.  With absolutely zero dollars to my name, we built a house that is not just a house.  It’s my home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity.  Now that they have blessed me, I pay it forward and bless others. God is good to me, and so I try to be good to others.” ReStore Leeward is able to improve the lives of Leeward ‘ohana with the proceeds they earn from the ReStore. he ReStore, a retail estab- lishment and reseller of household items, operates by reselling donated goods. heir mission is to eliminate poverty housing, and homelessness from our Leeward Coast. hey rehabilitate homes, but more importantly, they ReStore Hawaii’s families. hat’s not all they do.  his past year alone, ReStore Habitat Leeward visited the emergency shelter in.

Leeward Oahu

Kalaeloa, on four occasions, to help install security cameras, and to paint.  hey also sewed over a hundred curtains. Every year the ReStore participates in the Build-A-hon to help one family with much needed repairs. he ReStore also donates pillows, sheets, towels, comforters and other items to the homeless on the Leeward Coast.

“he reason our ReStore is such a big hit is because when custom- ers walk in to donate their goods, they know they are helping their neighbors, and adding to community,” says Skidget, ReStore Manager.

 “Our customers come from every corner of our island.  hey love being a part of the Habitat ‘ohana. he products, the pricing and the super friendly staf is what keeps our customers coming back,” says Jo Bautista Executive Director.

Since 2008 ReStore Leeward has helped advance the mission of Habitat for Humanity.  he ReStore has grown from a 3700 square foot store to over 7500. Even in hard economic times, the ReStore continues to increase sales. People appreciate the opportunity to save money and give back at the same time.” Visit the ReStore in Campbell Industrial Park at 91-291 Malakole street near Napa Auto Parts. hey are open to the public Monday through Saturday from 9am to 4pm. hey can be reached by phone at (808) 682-8411. Make sure you have some time.  Once you ind your first treasure, you’ll want to keep on looking.