23-year-old, 2009 Wai’anae High School graduate Jerome “Max” Holloway is a man on a mission. He’s a husband, father and son.  He’s doing his best to provide for his family and  be a positive role model as a MMA UFC fighter. Max “Blessed”  Holloway has wowed fans in Hawaii, the  nation and the  world.  If you  watch  any  of his youtube videos,  you’ll  see that  he is intense,  aggressive,  and  blessed.  Max is a warrior  in the  cage,  and  wears  his UFC belt  with  pride,  but  what ’s  more rewarding to Max is winning young souls for Christ. “Jesus Christ, my grandma Cynthia Kapoi, mom Missy Kapoi and wife Kaimana Holloway have molded me into the man you know,” says Max.

Ma x didn’ t grow up dreaming abou t becoming an MM A fighter.  “I star ted training because one of my best friends – Josh Keanu – told me I should train with him. I slept over his house one night and his trainer was there too. Colin Mackenzie watched me hit the speed bag and said I should come to training. So I did and the rest is histor y,” says Max. Now that  Max is a contracted UFC fighter making a name for himself, he realizes that it comes with responsibilit y. Being from Wai’anae, a town that is of ten looked down  upon,   he  especially feels  a responsibilit y to share with young  men  what  he  feels  is an impor tant  message.  “Max says “a real man is one  who does whatever he has to, to take care of his family, not  what  he can, but  what  he has  too.” Here’s some advice from Max, a humble young  man, “the world doesn’t owe us any thing.   It isn’t  about what  the  world  will give  to us,  it ’s about what we can give to the world. If we understand that, we can make positive changes in our world.”

MMA FIGHTERMax is proud to be from Wai’anae. Max explains, “The greatest thing about Wai’anae has to be the streng th of our communit y. People outside of Wai’anae think it ’s a bad place, but  if any  one  of them  got  to know  the  people, they  would  find out  that  we care  deeply for each  other, even strangers.  I think  that ’s one  of the  things  that  has  helped me to get  where I am today.  It ’s  not  always  expected that  we’ll  do great  things,  but  when  we push  through adversit y, there’s  nothing sweeter than  showing people we can. The one  thing about Wai’anae that  I pray changes, is the rampant drug abuse.  I have  seen many families destroyed by drug abuse.”

Max is living a dream: earning an honest living ; taking  care  of his family; doing  what  he loves. Max shares, “the road was not always easy in fact it was difficult. But, that ’s what life is–a bunch of ups and downs. Whatever you  do, when  you  hit rock bot tom, you  can’t give  up. We define ourselves when  we hit our  lowest point  and bounce back up.”

Max Holloway  has  been a professional since  2010.  He’s fought all over  the  world  in places like Las Vegas, Stockholm, Sweden, Singapore, Baltimore, Mar yland and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He’s fought opponents of ever y caliber. When  asked if he ever  gets  scared, Max shared this, “Of course!  But, the  way I look at it, it comes with the  job and  will happen sooner or later.  Why walk around with an umbrella waiting  for the  rain? When the  time comes, I’ll deal  with it. All I can do is train  right, fight smar t and  pray for the  best. I’d rather remember the  highlights,” says Max, “like when  I got my first professional submission. I tapped my opponent out with a move  that  his gym was known  for. And, all fight week, I was as sick as a dog. I overcame adversit y in that  fight!” “The day I’ll never forget is the  day I got my professional contract.  I received it at 12, and my son, Rush, took his first breath of life at 3. I am a blessed man.”

Max Holloway is definitely a man on a mission. You can expect much more  from Max Holloway.  You can find Max’s stats at You can also  find his career highlights in videos on youtube–made by Max’s fans.