How Should You Deal With What You Fear? Embrace it!

Embrace Fear and AnxietyAs a middle school teacher, students walk into my classroom everyday. My plan is to facilitate learning. I know they don’t know what I’m about to teach. If they did, they wouldn’t need me, right? Well, they, for some reason, think that they need to know everything and if they don’t, something is wrong with them. Some of my students, get it right away, while others take longer. The ones who take longer get frustrated. They think they’ve failed and out of fear of embarrassment, or judgment, they act out or they shut down. I’ve experienced every single type of student. They pretend they don’t care. They pretend they have a headache. They pretend they didn’t hear. They pretend, period. Why? Because they are afraid. And what fear does is stop them in their track. Fear can be ugly and it can rip from you the most meaningful, learning experiences of your life.

Fast forward 20 years. You’re at a restaurant with friends of your significant other. You’re not really comfortable but you go to be supportive.

They seem more cultured. They seem well-versed in things you have no clue about. One of them mentions the couscous, or the pesto, or the foies gras. You can’t even pronounce it, let alone know what it is. What do you do? You pretend you know what they’re talking about and pray that no other questions come your way. So what happens, you stop listening, stop connecting, and stop sharing. You might get irritated. Your temperature might raise a few degrees. Why? You’re afraid. You’re afraid to look stupid and show those cultured people how much you don’t know. You don’t think about all the things you could share with them. You just think about all the things they’ll know you don’t know. You end up preventing yourself from connecting. You feel ashamed. Fear can rob you from precious moments and opportunities to support the ones you love.

So what do we do? I’ve been trying something new. Just admitting. Forget about the fear. Face it, embrace it. Know that fear can become an opportunity to learn and grow, or it can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from learning or doing anything.

Once I began to trust in God and learn about what He wants for me, I realized that I am good in His eyes. And as long as I am good in His eyes, I’m good all the way around. I’m just a woman who tries to do my best and I’m not perfect. But I am loved by the most powerful being in the universe. Who cares what I don’t know? When I let go the fear, I can admit to what I don’t know and actually learn something. It actually feels pretty “freeing.” God instructs us through the Apostle Paul, in Romans 10:12, to call on Him because those who do, He richly blesses. When I feel uncomfortable or when I’m fearing something, I call upon my God who wants to richly bless me. I still fall sometimes and pretend, but most times I embrace my fears.

Besides, chances are your spouse’s friend just learned what couscous was from one of their friends, and just wanted to share.

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