How many times have you heard or said “it is better to give than to get?” We admire a woman who has given “the shirt off her back” and a woman who “gave her last penny.” I overheard a conversation between two women in Starbucks. They were comparing their ‘war stories.’ I heard the first woman say, “I got up at 5am this morning. I had no time for lunch. I’m living on caffeine. I have soccer practice this afternoon, picture taking after that, dinner to make after that, and homework after that. Immediately after the woman finished, her friend “one-upped” her. She said she got up at 4:30am, never had breakfast, and had soccer practice, plus dinner, plus homework, and on top of that she needed to sew a costume for her child’s school play. They were trading examples of how they give everything they have. Both women looked run down, because they were. Te sad truth though, is that they didn’t need to be run down. Sometimes we think the more run down we look, the better moms we are, or the harder workers we can claim to be. Te more a woman martyrs herself, the more noble she is, right? Wrong. Sure, it is noble to give; to have compassion; and to care about others, but at the point where we give ourselves away, that just becomes crazy.

In Matthew 8, Jesus blesses and heals an one who asks. If we ask, we receive. There’s no conditions; no stipulations, no prerequisites. He just wants to bless us, give to us, and share with us. In Matthew 8: 1-4 a man with leprosy says, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. Jesus didn’t say, well, did you exercise or eat right? Did you touch something unclean? Did you have a foul thought? There was no requests of the man. Jesus didn’t check for righteousness. He simply stated, “I am willing.” If Jesus is willing to give, to receive is to be obedient to His word. If we allow ourselves to receive, we allow ourselves to be blessed. Tis will sound foreign to many of us, but if we truly want to be obedient to God, and receive all of our blessings, we need more practice receiving. Most of us are already good at giving. Te next time we’re at Starbucks or talking stories with our girlfriends, we should be swapping stories of how much we receive.

“The more a woman martyrs herself,

the more noble she is, right?