First, decide that you’re going to stop drinking.  Make a declaration to yourself. Make a declaration to your higher power. Tell the person you most trust in this entire world, that you will.  Even if you’ve told them over and over again and failed, it’s okay, just make the declaration.  I’m assuming that this person won’t hold it against you, but if they do, find someone who won’t and tell that person.  Explain to this person that you need someone to hold you accountable, but someone who won’t kick you if you fall. They’ll understand that addictions are the work of the devil, and you’re not alone, and relapse is inevitable, but that trying and trying again, is what will get you to stop, finally, when you’re ready.  The key is to get yourself really ready, really! Ok, so if you’re drinking, you probably don’t feel that great, physically or emotionally.  Take notice of what the drinking does to you.  Does it make your face look sunken in? Is it making you fat?  Are you wasting your hard earned money on your addiction? It probably will rob you of what  you’ve worked hard for. It is killing your liver.  Your kidneys aren’t probably that great.  The excess sugar from the alcohol in your bloodstream will probably give you a heart attack.  If you’ve got kids, they’ll probably become alcoholic.  Do you want that? Do you want any of it? Be real with yourself.   Your addiction is bringing way more crap into your life than you are willing to admit.  Be willing to be real.  The sad reality will help you get past this.

Once you’ve realized you really want and need to kick this habit, and you’re done with all the damage this addiction is doing to you, your body, your family, your finances, you’re ready.  You’ll be fed up, just like when you’ve let go of an addictive relationship.  Once you’ve taken too much crap, you’re done.  Treat alcoholism like a bad boyfriend, or girlfriend, and 86 it. Once you build up that kind of attitude, you get pissed.  When you get pissed, you do something about it.

Now that you’re upset at what this is doing to you, go find support.  Talk to a counselor and find out what you are either hiding from, trying to cope it, or not admitting. Maybe you just drink because you’re shy, or maybe you can’t deal with the loss of a loved one, or maybe you’ve been abandoned, or you can’t handle commitment. Whatever reason you have for drinking, it’s not strong enough to keep you from stopping, unless you give it the strength.  You’ve got to show it who’s boss. Put it on a leash, drag it out to the trash bin, dump it, and watch the garbage man pick it up and take it away.

This process will probably not be easy, and it will take time, but it is doable, because the human being is indomitable when it is motivated. When my husband and I decided to address the biggest obstacles in our lives we decided to see a counselor.  It took us about 8 months of hardship, digging deep, being committed and focused on our issues. But, once we got down to the nitty gritty, and began to look at our issues with truth, honesty and without any fears, we really were able to address the issues.  That’s what we all need to do with all of the things in our lives that we don’t like.

One more tip.  In the meantime, while you’re figuring all this out, find another activity that you can engage in, that’ll replace the drinking.  Find a nice mall you like.  Find a cafe that interests  you and hang out there.  Go on a hike.  Go to the beach. Check out the museums.  People watch.  Keep looking for ways to take care of the most important thing in your life, YOU!