I hate it when I hear “You have to be patient.” My response to that is, “Patient for what? For life to happen to me?” Time is money.  I get older by the minute. I’m already 43. My life is half over. Patient people let life pass them by. So, I go, go, go. Then, I get burnt out. Getting burnt-out is a reminder to relax, and be patient. Most times, life passes you by because you’re too busy being impatient. I know the importance of being patient.  I also know that sometimes you just got to make things happen. The problem I have had is, “How do I know when to be patient, and when to work my ass off, pushing, pressing, clawing and clamoring to make my life happen, as opposed to letting it happen to me. Here’s what I’ve realized.  To be patient, is to trust, and trust isn’t an easy thing for me to do. When I realized the connection between trust and patience I made it a priority to be patient. To have patience is to trust that things will work itself out. To have patience is to have faith that there’s a God out there who knows your heart, knows your desires, and is working things out in your favor.  He’s looking out for you. This might be overly-simplified, but the answer to the question, “How do I be patient without letting life happen to me?” “Trust”. Trust that God got your back, and if you’ve declared the desires of your heart to Him, He’s working things out in your favor.  Do the best you can to be the best you can. Work with fervor.  Be purposeful. Be conscientious. Do your homework. Be a blessing. Declare your desires. Then, let Him work it all out for you.  I heard Pastor Joseph Prince say once, “When you work, God rests. When you rest, God works.”  I’d rather have God working for me, then me working for myself.  He can get things done faster, and better than I can. That’s for sure. So, how do you be patient?  Trust!

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