In many of my blogs, I share with you the reality of my failings, not because I want to dwell on my many failings, because I don’t.  I share about that in my effort to support you.  It’s easier to connect with someone when you know they’ve been there, where you are. And, I have been many places.  I know what it’s like to struggle in relationships; financially; in my career; with drug use; with domestic violence; with self worth, and addiction. I know what it’s like to feel utterly alone, isolated, panicked, and fearful. That’s what puts me in the perfect position to offer you my advice.  I’d love to help you with advice you need. I’ve become an expert in many areas because of my personal experiences of failure. I’m so thankful I’ve failed, because now I’m here ready and capable to help someone else. Go ahead and ask me specific questions if you need to.  Send me an email at If you have a question, I’ll answer it as best I can.  If you have a comment, I’ll respond.

So, how do you live in the moment?  Give. Especially when you’re struggling to give, give. Go help someone else. Go give someone your time, or money. Lend an ear, or a hand. If you’d like to live in the present moment, go find someone who needs help, and help them. Whether they are struggling with something, or just need help completing a task, offer your services.  Offer your expertise.  Make yourself available. There’s never a short supply of someone who needs help–they’re always out there.  No matter the time or day, or what you have to give, there’s always someone out there who needs exactly what you have. And, when you give them exactly what you have to give, no matter how little you think it is, it’ll be exactly what they need. Here’s what’s miraculous about giving.  When you give to give, you always receive something you need, in return.

It’s a universal law to give and then receive. The world operates through dynamic exchange, synergy and relationship. Whether we move back and forth, up and down, in and out, we come or go, leave or stay, there’s a time to give, and a time to receive. Whether you expect to receive or not expect to receive, you always will. It’s a universal law–an example of synergy and relationship. If you give what someone needs, or what you have to give, you can rely on receiving exactly what you need, not necessarily what you think you want.  The universe delivers to you the desires of your heart, but you don’t always know what your heart wants. You might think you do, but that’s the problem, the heart doesn’t think. Don’t focus on what you want to receive.  Focus on what you can give.  Let your heart want what it wants, and trust that the universe will deliver it.

Do you have some extra time, and love children? Go babysit for a single mother, or single father.  Do you have a truck? Dump someone’s garbage. Do you have a green thumb? Go dig some weeds, water a yard, or plant some plants. Are you a great cook? Go cook a meal for someone who’s sick. Are you an artist? Draw someone a picture of their favorite place. Do you have a few extra bucks? Go buy someone lunch. There are tons of ways to give, and tons of people in need of exactly what you have to give. How do you live in the moment? Give.