Is it Quitting TimeNot that I did any research, but I bet that starting a magazine for Waiʻanae whose purpose is to share real stories of real struggle and real strength to inspire and celebrate our people, is the toughest job that ever was and ever will be!  I spend lots of time on my knees praying for it to get easier, and asking God, “Why do I always want to do things that are so hard?” “Iʻm just me.”

Every day for the last few months Iʻve basically needed somebody to tell me that itʻs going to be okay.  Whether itʻs God, my husband, my mom, my sister,my daughter, my best friend, or someone I just met, thatʻs what I need.  Today was another one of those days. Naturally, I called my husband and told him I was in need of inspiration.  “Babe, this is too hard. How do I know when it will be time to quit?”  Will God tell me to quit?  Everyone I meet tells me that the magazine business is too hard.”  I canʻt be smarter than them all. No ways!

Hereʻs what my husband said to me, “Babe, I donʻt think God will tell you to quit.  I think people need to hear stories that will inspire them.  Thereʻs too much negative in this world. Can you imagine if Moses stopped at the 3rd plague?  Do you think Moses told God that it was way too hard? “Hey God, this is Moses. Pharaoh didnʻt let them out. I think we better let go of the idea of freeing our people?” “No! Moses didnʻt say that.”  And, what if David said, “Oh God, no way.  Goliath is too big!  Youʻve got to find someone else.”  Literally, Goliath could have crushed David with one foot, but that didnʻt happen.  Moses freed the Israelites. David saved his people. Thousands of years later weʻre still talking about them both. Do what God has inspired you to do.  Provide readers and businesses a genuine way to connect and share real stories of real people with real struggle and real strength.”

Here was my response: “Oh youʻre good!  Thank you for the inspiration, babe.” So, one more day we take a go at this.  We are sharing real stories of real people with real struggles and real strength and celebrating the heck out of them for the purpose of spreading hope and inspiration for when you need it. Stay tuned for more short stories and for our magazines that come out next year. God bless.