Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit Light our WayHave you ever known a burden so heavy that the only way to unload it was to sleep it off, drink it away, take a pill, smoke a joint, or cry your heart out?  The burden of carrying such a heavy load by yourself is destructive. exhausting. frustrating. I will not re live my sins because He has forgiven me, but before I realized that, Iʻd carried those burdens everywhere I went, and all alone.  My burdens were things I wish Iʻd never done–things for which I was so ashamed that Iʻd felt like the worst person in the world. That kind of burden can eat you alive, and when you donʻt know God, it really does.  When you donʻt know God, there is no place to turn to get the kind of saving you need.

Before I knew God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit the way I do now, I depended on myself, and the people around me to help me out of burdens like that–and itʻs no wonder I couldnʻt put my burdens down for very long.

Although I attended church with my Grandma, I didn’t pay much attention, so all the things I could have learned when I was 12, about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I didnʻt learn until I was way past 30. All I knew about God was what I believed the unknowing Christian believes–that He was to be feared and that He would punish me because of my sins. All I knew about Jesus was that He left the earth on the day he ascended, gifted us with salvation if we would choose to not to commit sin, and that if we could do that, Heʻd come back for us one day, and take us home to a beautiful place called heaven.

I have grown (a little) in my relationship with God.  Now I know that we can know the Holy Spirit if we ground ourselves in Biblical truth and sound doctrine. In and through the Word, we must learn about Him, and spend time with Him, so that He can do for us what God intended for Him to do in the first place–take away our burdens.

God sent the Holy Spirit (as a member of the trinity), to be an “active, personal-presence in our lives.” (Boa 2001).  The Holy Spirit indwells in us, and makes us more Christ-like, so we may come to Jesus, so Jesus can take us to the Father.

The Holy Spirit’s job is to “bear witness to Christ”, “apply Christ’s redemptive work in human hearts” and “form Christlikeness in the lives of believers.” (Boa, 2001) We donʻt need to call for Jesus or wait for Him to come back as if Heʻs left. The “fire of the Holy Spirit” burns inside of us. He cleanses us. He gives us fresh starts. He lights our way. Our God is a faithful God who fights to fill us, as Paul shares in Romans 15:13. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”