If I don’t obey Jesus, I’m going to hell.  That’s what I used to believe.  I know now that Jesus does not condemn.  He advises.  He shares. He guides. He counsels. He loves. In all of my Bible Chapter Blogs, I share the big idea of the chapter. I may touch upon a few verses, but the main purpose of each entry is to give you the context of the chapter–to prepare you for a reading of the chapter on your own, so that your special revelation from God, is as clear as day. The context, unique words, the author, and the purpose can sometimes muddy the reading, inhibiting your revelation. I pray this helps you pull closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

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Matthew chapter 6 is a continuation of Matthew chapter 5. Matthew, the disciple, recollects his memories of being with Jesus, about 30 years after Jesus died. He knew his experiences with Jesus needed to be shared so others could know who Jesus was, and what He meant for mankind. In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus gives us a list–suggestions for how we should face the everyday issues in our lives.  When I wrote my books that’s exactly what I did, and why I did it. I needed to share my experiences, and give others a chance to read about it, so they wouldn’t need to deal with the pain I endured.  I’d hoped that by sharing my very raw story, honestly, I would give peace and inspiration to someone else. As I wrote my story, I learned by reflecting on my experiences.  I changed, improved, and grew as a person, having realized the mistakes I made. A written piece of literature has just as much power for the person writing, as it does for the person reading. My books are my life–a forever reminder of where I have been, and where I am now.  When I reread my books, Candy Canes and Coke, and Rescued By A God I Didn’t Know, I thank God for my blessings.  When I get stuck in a rut,  a reread of my books is the only thing powerful enough to remind of me of the many blessings I have.

Picture yourself snuggling up with Jesus, your loving father. Imagine Him carressing your forehead, whispering “Cast your cares upon me. I will take care of all your needs.” That’s what Matthew chapter 6 is all about. Jesus, having come down from the mount, after being tempted by Satan; sat down while everyone gathered closely around Him, basking in every Word He uttered. Jesus talks about giving to the needy, being righteous when others are watching, and when others are not watching. He talks about prayer and treasures in heaven.  Whether he’s talking about prayer, or fasting or worrying, one theme is clear.  Do these good things not to impress others, but because it’s the right things to do.

In verse 6:26 Jesus talks about the birds of the skies having everything they need.  He says birds eat when they want to. They don’t store food, or worry about when their next meal will come.  And if birds have no worries, then why should we, because we are much more than the birds in the air. Worrying adds nothing to our lives, so live it without worry, like the birds in the skies, and trust that Jesus will provide for all of our needs.  Stress and worry can do only one thing–decrease our lifetime on earth. We must stay here as long as we can to bring others to Christ, so stress and worry has no place in our lives. Think back to every hardship you’ve ever had.  Did you learn anything? Did you make it through? You must have.  You are reading this. If your answer is what I think it is,  you are fine. You are blessed.  You are covered.  Let Jesus guide you. Let Him provide for you. Now, go read Matthew chapter 6 and receive your special revelation.