Sometimes I get so sick of people pretending to have all the answers for all of life’s burning questions. I get sick of people telling me how we can’t do this, and we shouldn’t do that.  Most of the time, it’s not because they know, it’s because they’ve lived their lives like that for so long, that their minds are so closed off to any other strategies. I’m here to tell you that I’m just giving you an opinion based on my personal experiences, (and I’d love to hear from you, if you have tips too). Ultimately you will know what’s right for you, specifically relating to the question “How do I ask for what I want?” for the purpose of this blog.

If we are honest with one another, we have to admit thereʻs almost never a right or a wrong answer.  With that being said, I’m giving you the best 3 tips I know to get what you want, and I’m using the Bible, Matthew chapter 7 to help me make my point.  Read what I have to say. Take what you want. Pray on it. And decide for yourself what works for you.

The 1st tip, Ask for what you want. It’s that simple.  Do not complicate it.  Here’s one caution though.  Sometimes people ask for what they think they want, when that’s not what they truly want. Here’s what I mean. I’m an author and I want to sell 1,000 books in 90 days. Well, I do, but I won’t do certain things that I need to do.  For example, I won’t post directly on Facebook.  I’m too shy. So, even if I ask to sell 1,000 books in 90 days, I’m really asking to sell 1,000 books in 90 days without having to put myself out there. I’m not sure I can sell 1,000 books in 90 days if I don’t do all the marketing that needs to be done, not just what I feel comfortable doing.  So, ask for what you truly want, because when you are unclear, so is the universe. How does God know what to deliver, unless you are clear?

The 2nd tip, Don’t be worried about how many times you ask.  I’ve heard people tell me, stop asking.  He knows already.  I have a tendency to “bug” for what I want.  My philosophy is that if I want something really bad, how is someone going to know that’s what I want unless I truly bug and bug and bug until I get it?  I’m not saying that is the only way to get what you want, but do not be afraid of asking too much?  God isn’t in heaven saying, “if you ask me one more time, you’re going to irritate me, and you’re not getting it.”  If you don’t have faith that you’ll receive something, and you’re not putting in the work, that’s another thing, but if you are, ask away!

The 3rd tip, Don’t let anyone tell you how to ask, or tell you the “right” way to ask.  Every single person

In this world has a right to a personal relationship with God, and every person in this world is different from another.  Even identical twins have different personalities. God will work with you wherever you’re at, and whoever you are.  Like I said, I can’t stand it when people think there’s only one mechanism to the results you’re searching for. That belief comes from a very scarce mindset, and no one should come from that perspective.  Please know that I hope you don’t think I’m preaching.  I’m just a woman trying to help other woman live their best lives, by sharing experiences from my own personal journey.

Remember how I told you it was Matthew chapter 7 that inspired me with this blog?  Well, here’s why. In this chapter in verse 7, Jesus tells us straight up.  “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door will be opened to you.” Nowhere in that verse did Jesus tell you how many times to ask, and nowhere did he say he’d only listen if we spoke softly, or loudly or anything.  Let’s stop putting limitations on our God who meets us exactly where we are.

Hopefully you’ve been reading my stuff and watching my videos.  If not, please know that my two books Candy Canes and Coke and Rescued By A God I Didn’t Know are available for download on my website and via Amazon (I make more money if you download it from my website). If you’re interested to see how God rescued me, my journey is in those books.  It’s nothing about sugar and spice and everything nice.  It’s dysfunctional and raw, but honest and candid.  If you’d like to learn a little more about Matthew chapter 7 please click on this link.  Thank you again for spending time with me on my site.  I appreciate it very much.  God Bless!