My heart needed to hear from my angels again today. I needed reassurance about my direction and whether the things I was doing in my life are things I should be doing. I asked my angels, “Angels, am I on the right path with my business? Am I doing what I am supposed to do, my angels?” Here were my answers. “Spread your wings!” Archangel Ariel says, “Do not hold back right now. The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!” Gosh, how could that be more clear? Thank you Jesus. Thank you angels. I receive this and imbue it into my being. I will continue on my path, and know that in the spiritual you are working it out for me. The second message I received was from Archangel Raziel who says, “Take Back your Power!” “Use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life.” I hear you angels! I know, keep going. God gave me my ability to write and even though I fail, and blame, and whine, I can still claim my blessings. Whether I live here or there, married or not, mother or not, I am God’s daughter.

The third message was from Archangel Haniel who says, “You are extra-sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Honor yourself and your feelings.” I kept wondering if because I have my period I should simply disregard my feelings and chalk them up to hormones. You know what these times are like, right sisters? Love then hate. Trust then doubt. Laugh then cry. But, then again, I have faced so many battles in this state, because I am more sensitive to them because of this time. I battled that tendency to be true to my feelings or chalk it up to the mood swings of my period. When I flipped my third and final card the message I received was, “Honor your feelings. My inspiration from God was this, “Momi, your feelings are making you sensitive, but this is good for you right now, because you will dig deep into your feelings, and working them out will empower you, cleanse you and free you. Momi, you must also learn to be sensitive to others as well.”

Right now I am learning so much in such a short amount of time. God is preparing me for my next position. I will enter this position armed with goodness, mercy, grace and love, and we will reach all goals we set out to accomplish. I can’t believe how much I am loved by God to receive messages from beyond this natural world makes me feel loved, strengthened, empowered, and never lonely. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Angels!