The Man Behind the Magazine Tadd Rienstra of TJR WORKS! LLC

Most Hawaii transplants come to Hawaii over the ocean, or on the ocean.  Not Tadd Rienstra.  He came through the ocean–on a submarine! In 1991, stationed on the USS Flasher SSN-613, from San Diego. For a year after his arrival, Tadd served our country aboard USS Honolulu SSN-718.

Tadd Rienstra is the man behind the creation of Nā Pua Hometown Magazines Kunia. TJR WORKS We’ll tell you how that happened, but irst, let’s just talk about Tadd.

For several years Tadd worked for small businesses gaining insight on all aspects of business.  On the weekends, he did construction work for people in his church who needed things done around their homes. Tadd did handyman work, but when jobs got too big and because his clients were referring their friends, Tadd pursued a contractor’s license. Tadd shared, “When I left my real job, I never took the day of, never iled unemployment; I went to work like I had always been doing. I started TJR WORKS! in 1997, and have been going strong ever since.” Tadd says he’s been fortunate because he’s listened to his clients.  He says “I’ve found that helping people ind the root of their problems and inding solutions that work for them, make happy, more satisied customers who tell their friends. My business continues to grow because I’ve learned to be a great listener and am truly committed to helping people.”

Presently TJR WORKS! is involved in the construction of new homes, additions, remodeling, whole house overhauls, and consult- ing for homeowners. Tadd can help, from start to inish.  He can also help with after-the-fact building permits, through another company of his, Permit Check.  Tadd and his partner Janyce, formed Permit Check because people found themselves in bad situations either buying or sell- ing homes with unpermitted work. If you need any kind of construction work, permit work, or if you’re looking for answers, give Tadd a call at 808-625-3500, or visit him on his website at

So, are you wondering why Tadd is the man behind the magazine? Tadd and his family are residents of Kunia. (We’ll share about Tadd and his family in later issues). When Tadd was approached to support Nā Pua o Wai’anae, a magazine for the residents of Wai’anae, he asked, “Why can’t our residents have their own magazine? A magazine for Kunia residents would help our community in so many ways.” Tadd pointed Nā Pua magazines in all the right directions and the magazine was formed.

Every single month you’ll receive Nā Pua o Kunia. Our goal is to challenge, strengthen and support our residents. We know you’ll see this magazine for what it is, a blessing. When you do, say thanks to Tadd!  Tadd is also sponsoring our home section.  he tips you get in our home section is from him.  He’ll share tons of useful information over the course of the next year.  Be on the lookout!