Proud and humble Nānākuli resident and Waianae High School gr aduate, George Kalilikane says his lifes mission is to be a blessing to others.  He does that one paddleboard lesson at a time.

UNCLE GEORGE KALILIKANEJust 5 short year s ago,  George  (49  year s old  at  the time) weighed over 300  pounds, was border line diabetic and scored a  whopping  150+  on  the  blood  pressure  scale.   He’d  been inactive for most  of his adult  life, having  put away the surfboard of his youth  to devote his life to raising his children. Shortly after losing his father-in-law to diabetes, and most of his adult  children leaving  home,  George  made his health his number one  priority. His answer came  when  a fellow  Nanaikapono Protestant church member, Frank Taua brought a couple of paddle boards to the beach. George  wanted to get on, but his size prevented him from trying.   He watched until  he  could  watch  no  longer.   Once  he got  on, he  was  hooked. The clarity and  peace he  experienced while on the ocean was so overwhelming he needed to share that experience with others.

George  spent 4 months paddleboarding when  he  decided he  was  ready  to share. Equipped with  just  2 paddleboards, he pitched a tent  at Poka’i bay and  waited for people to come. The first few weeks George  spent days at the bay with not one inquiry. George  chuckles as he explains, “If someone so much  as looked at my boards funny, I’d talk them  into a lesson.”  George  laughs as he asserts,  “I did a few things  wrong ; I didn’t  tell anyone what  I was doing; people couldn’t find the bay anyway; and if they could, they were told to stay out of Wai’anae.”

George didn’t let those lonely days at the bay stop him. He

asked God to send people to him. He knew he needed to bless others with the gif t he’d been given.  George  told God that  if he’d send people to George, he’d pray for each  and ever y one. God did just that.  To date, George  has taught more  than  6,700 people how to paddleboard. George  says, “What amazes me is that  when  people come out  of  the  water  they  have  this  desire  to  share  their  life  story.”

George  realized people needed more.  They needed prayers.  On ever y drive  home, George  prayed for ever y person to whom  he gave  a paddleboard lesson.  George  also  started  a prayer group on Facebook for just that— people who need prayers. Today there are 157  members from around the world praying  for one another.

GEORGE KALILIKANEGeorge  says that he focused on helping others, but when  his mother was in a coma due to lung failure, given only 2 days to live, those 157  members prayed for her.  His mom  walked  out  of the hospital after her doctors prepared George’s family for her death. George  says,  “Because  I decided to give some  random person a paddleboard lesson on a beach at Poka’i bay in a little town called Wai’anae, my mom  is here today. George  says, “I might  not  be equipped with a Bible, but  with my paddleboards, I share God’s Word. I am blessed abundantly.”

Today George  tows  a large  trailer,  filled  with  35  paddle – boards—blessings from others who believe in his mission. George says, “find your  passion, allow  yourself to be  led, and  you’ll be exactly where you need to be.”  You’ll  find  him many  mornings at Poka’i bay  where he  calls  the  Bay of Dreams.  That ’s  also  the name of his Facebook page. By the way, diabetes is not in George’s future.  His blood pressure is normal and he’s as healthy as a horse. George  Kalilikane is an inspiration, a role model, and definitely a man on a mission.