Arrival is exciting

Think about the last time you were on a plane going to Vegas, or your favorite vacay destination. The pilot announces over the PA that you’re 15 minutes from landing.  The excitement builds and your mind runs through all the things you’re going to do when you get to where you’re going. You thank God for the opportunity, the time and the money for the trip.  You’ve worked hard, saved, dreamt, and it’s finally here.  If it were me, I’d be willing, ready and excited as heck, to blow a couple hundred on the Wheel of Fortune 25 cent slots. I’m addicted–thinking about it makes me giddy. Like me, you’d map out your first few hours with fervor, anticipating delight. Arriving at the destination of success, especially amidst an arduous journey, is exciting because you’ve spent an enormous amount of time preparing for, and anticipating success. After all, it was the entire purpose of the journey. When your destination is success, think about what it will feel like when you get there.  Imagine, visualize, make a movie in your mind about all the things you’ll do when you get there.  The struggle for success is definitely worth the pay off.

Bankruptcy takes just as much energy

I heard someone somewhere say, “It takes just as much energy to be bankrupt as it does to be rich. Where do you want to spend your energy?” That hit me pretty hard.  Being 6 months into building my new business, I’d already spent months crying about the struggle. I’d contemplated quitting numerous times.  My husband, who tried to be supportive, probably wanted to strangle me by month 2–my whining drove him almost clinically crazy. But, the struggle for success is worth it–even for him.  If you’re going to struggle, you might as well struggle toward success, rather than working on staying exactly where you’re at.  If it takes the same amount of energy to be successful as it does to be bankrupt, you might as well work toward success.

Consider the freedom

Imagine that your first child has just graduated from high school, and you can’t even get them a decent graduation gift.  Imagine the feeling of not being able to reward them for such a huge accomplishment.  Imagine having to say “I’m sorry I don’t have the means to do anything for you.” Now imagine your child goes to college, is homesick and asks you to fly over to where they’re at, to comfort them, and not being able to do it because you can’t get the time off, or you don’t have the money. The price of success is struggle, but once you pay the price, the freedom belongs to you. When something or someone is important to you, you can say yes.  Write down every single thing you’d like to do for every single important person in your life. Let that list guide you in the struggle for success.  That list will make it easier to take the journey.  The freedom you’ll have because of the struggles you were willing to endure, will allow you to be a blessing to someone else.

Delight and development comes with overcoming obstacles

The feeling I get after overcoming a obstinate obstacle is overwhelmingly satisfying.  I brag (to myself and to others) about the obstacles.  I get so incredibly proud of myself that I play it over and over again in my head and I celebrate my victory.  I usually write down the journey and relish in each moment, every occasion that I read about it–as if it were someone else’s story.  Delight comes with overcoming obstacles and that overwhelming feeling of delight makes the struggle to success well worth it. Actually going through difficult times are not fun. But, as soon as you get through it, the 20/20 vision you have in hindsight, is insightful, and inspiring for yourself and for others.  I’ve made it through (successfully) a child’s drug abuse, losing loved ones, losing a job, making incredibly huge mistakes in my marriage, as a mother, daughter and sister.  I’ve experienced foreclosures and repossessions, court cases and divorce. When I forget how blessed I am, I look back at all the struggles I’ve faced, and I delight in the development.

I hope these tips have helped you!  Like I said, I’m becoming an expert because of the many times I’ve failed. If you’d like to read about my journey in my raw and candid story, check out my books, Candy Canes and Coke, and Rescued By A God I Didn’t Know.  If you’re reading this article on my website, then you can click on books, but if you’re not, you can go to God Bless!